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The Investors Exchange

Investors Exchange Launch Timeline

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  • Exchange Launch Date, Phase-in Period Begins; TOPS v1.5 Phase-in Begins
    • Two non-test securities (VG, WIN)
    • Ten non-test securities (VALE.P, VG, VHC, VIAV, VIP, VLY, WIN, XOMA, YINN, ZIOP)
    • All symbols starting with 'Y' - 'Z', VALE.P, VG, VHC, VIAV, VIP, VLY, WIN, XOMA
    • All symbols starting with 'V' - 'Z'
    • All symbols ('A' - 'Z')
  • Exchange Phase-in Period ends, ATS Ceases Operation
  • Final day to submit Member Waive-in Applications

*The security-by-security phase-in begins on August 19th and concludes on September 2, 2016. The SEC order, approving IEX as an automated trading center, requires that market participants have reasonably designed policies and procedures to treat IEX’s best bid and best offer as a protected quotation in symbols that have transitioned to Investors Exchange as soon as possible (beginning with August 19, 2016 phase-in), but no later than 90 days from the approval order (September 15, 2016). Thus, market and industry participants have until September 15, 2016 to test and certify with IEX in order to satisfy the obligations of IEX rules and SEC regulations in connection with IEX, including Regulation NMS.

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US-registered broker dealers are eligible to become a Member of Investors Exchange. Broker-dealers must be registered with a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) and maintain an active clearing relationship with an NSCC-member clearing firm.

Your firm does not need to be an IEX ATS Subscriber in order to apply for membership to Investors Exchange.

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